Dr. Olufunke Odetunde

Financial Consultant, Coach and Educator

Dr. Olufunke, a seasoned physician with over 35 years of medical expertise, has gracefully pivoted from healing bodies to transforming financial destinies. My illustrious career in healthcare has equipped me with a profound understanding of the unique financial challenges faced by clients and the impact of finances on their overall health. As the sole financial provider for my family, I successfully steered my now-adult children through debt-free education while securing my financial future and wellbeing.

Retired from the medical field, I am now on a passionate mission as a Financial Wellness Coach, Consultant, and Educator, catering to the financial needs and wellness of professionals and entrepreneurs. My journey reflects a commitment to financial success, blending compassion and a deep understanding of the financial landscape.

Having walked the path of balancing a demanding career with family responsibilities, I empathize with the complexities professionals and entrepreneurs encounter. My approach combines strategic financial planning with a touch of empathy, ensuring a holistic and personalized road map to financial well-being. I’ve navigated the intricate intersections of health and finance, and now, I share my insights to empower others. Through coaching and education, I demystify financial intricacies, providing actionable steps to achieve financial security. Imagine a future free from financial stress, where your hard work translates into enduring prosperity.

Join me on this transformational journey to financial freedom. As a trusted guide, I offer a prescription for financial wellness, leveraging a wealth of experience to shape a prosperous future for professionals and entrepreneurs. Your financial success story begins here.


I have earned my coaching credentials from the National Financial Educators Council and have met the educational and practice standards to be recognized as a Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant and a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I comply with the Financial Coaching Standards & Code of Conduct and follow the FTC Safeguard Rules to ensure that all your information is secure.